Art Reflecting Life Reflecting Art

By Lisa Freedman Christine Alfery wears many hats. Living an inspiring life that inspires her art, her work reflects her life. And might I say she seems to excel in everything she endeavors to do. Wife, Mother, Artist, Writer, Poet, Teacher, Outdoorsman, Adventure seeker… On a recent trip to the Northwest Territories of Canada, including Eagles Nest River and Kasba Lake (above), Christine looks right at home catching a Trophy 18# Lake Trout as she does painting in her studio! The trip inspired her newest series on Rivers. All of which relates to so many of the other themes we find in her work – Traveling, Journeys, Nature…

One thing is for sure, she brings a positive and passionate spirit to everything she accomplishes, which might well explain why she does excel in everything she engages in, not to mention the extraordinary energy, momentum and vision she brings to everything she touches – which is never more apparent than as it is reflected through her art work.

Following are just a few of the paintings inspired by her recent adventures.

Inukshuk – Spirits That Have Lingered, 14×14, Watermedia on Watercolor paper
Rocks, Rocks and More Rocks 14×14, Watermedia on Watercolor paper
Rain, Sun, Fog 14×14, Watermedia on Watercolor paper
Spirit of the Land, 14×14, Watermedia on Watercolor paper
Spirit of the Land II, 14×14, Watermedia on Watercolor paper
Terns Diving for Fish 14×14 Watermedia on Watercolor paper
Snowshoe River, 14×14, Watermedia on Watercolor paper
Eagles Nest River and Terns : Kasba Lake, Canada, 14×14, Acrylic on paper
Fishing, Fishing, Fishing 14×14, Watermedia on Watercolor paper

Original pieces on christinealfery.net are for sale, but if they do not appear on the Christinealfery.com shop you must inquire with Christine to see if it is currently available or at a traveling exhibition.

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